About the Antarctic Youth Ambassador

Once in a lifetime opportunities for young New Zealanders to visit the icy continent


Antarctica, the icy continent, is the fifth largest and least known of the world's land masses. It boasts 10% of the planet's land area and more than 70% of its fresh water. It can claim to be the highest place on earth, with an average height of 2300m above sea level; the coldest place on earth, once recording a temperature of -90°C; the windiest place on earth, with gusts up to 370km/h; and the driest place on earth, with valleys that haven't seen rain for thousands of years. Antarctica, with its unspoiled ecosystem, is also the world's finest laboratory, and a continent with a rich history of exploration, endurance and survival.

Antarctica's global significance has been recognised and protected by the Antarctic Treaty System, but the key to ensuring its long term protection is the education and engagement of the next generation of environmental stewards.

The Antarctic Youth Ambassador programme, launched in 2007 and run in association with Antarctica New Zealand and the Antarctic Heritage Trust, selects two young New Zealanders annually to participate in and contribute to the environmental and heritage restoration work in Antarctica, and to educate others through their experiences. In doing so, this programme invests in the future of the Antarctic environment by building capability and understanding in young New Zealanders.

The Antarctic Youth Ambassadors will be placed with Antarctica New Zealand or the Antarctic Heritage Trust for a period during the summer months and will work as part of an environmental or heritage restoration team. This may include work based at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, at Scott Base in Antarctica or in other Antarctic locations for which Antarctica New Zealand has responsibility.

Are you the next Antarctic Youth Ambassador?

Applications for the 2014 Awards will open in April 2014. 

Further information about the Awards, eligibility criteria and Ambassador obligations and a link to the online application form can be found here.

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